Governor Nyesome Wike: This Carnival Will Close Soon

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike came to public consciousness during former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration especially when he took sides with and joined forces with the then First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan in her running battle with Rotimi Amaechi, then Governor of Rivers State. In a dramatic way, Wike came to national consciousness beyond the politics of Rivers and Niger Delta as a result of the issue of internecine battles between Amaechi as one of the arrowheads of the newly formed opposition and Jonathan Administration.

Then came the contest for the governorship of Rivers State, then the center of power of PDP carved in as a result of the loss of the 2014 elections and because nature abhors a vacuum, the amiable Governor Wike stepped forward and took the unofficial leadership of the party and we were told he brought in Modu Sheriff. He later led the charge to expel him from office when Sheriff showed his true character as a double agent.

In replacement of Modu, Wike brought in his kinsman, Uche Secondus. At that time, Southwest was already preparing to assume leadership until it was decided by Wike that the Chairmanship should come to the South-South State of Rivers.

As should be expected, there were grumblings in the South-West, but it was not sustained. As the 2022 Primary Election Season approached, Wike led the charge again to pull the rug under Uche Secondus, culminating in the decapitation of the National Working Body of the party.

Again as with the past 2 party leaders, Wike was largely instrumental with some of his strategic allies in the PDP Governors Forum, in the installation of former Senate President, Dr. Iyorchia Ayu as National Chairman of PDP.

The question most political analysts raised was why must it be the North to produce the party Chair, when the Presidential ticket of the party had been thrown open. The permutation was that Ayu was expected to play Wike’s ball and some felt how on earth can our powerful governor of Rivers be that gullible to trust that Ayu will play his game. The primary came and went and Wike lost a free and fair contest.

The maverick governor of Rivers State has undergone several transformations since the lost election. First, he became a devoted follower of fashion with different fashion statements. He also formed a standing orchestra; he embarked on the carnival of projects commissioning that looked more like political vindictiveness than commissioning. He did not stop there; he also embarked on international evangelical political forays and took on the garb of political activism with his gang of 5.

So much must have been read from Dr. Abati’s who reasoned that Governor Wike did a lot in reviving the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with his resources when members were leaving after Atiku lost the Presidential election in 2019 but added that Wike must not impose himself on the party.

Dr. Abati rightfully observed that the party must take part of the blame, because when everybody abandoned the party, it was Wike who stepped up to fill the void using his resources and that made him to develope a sense of entitlement to the party. He thought in a royalistic manner that the top position in the party was essentially for him and once he got disappointed, Abati observed Governor Wike had continued to throw tantrums.

From Bashorun Dele Momodu came another wise counsel for Governor Wike and his allies about the risk of committing political suicide. In Bashorun Dele Momodu’s words: “I want to publicly appeal to them again. If they decide to go, it’s within their rights. Nobody can stop any grown man from making a decision…If their decision is to throw their support behind a candidate of another party, it is fine. But honestly, this is my opinion, it will be political suicide. That’s the truth because they have so much at stake.”

The nation watched as the portrait of Omehia was removed from Governor’s office in Port Harcourt a few weeks ago and we recently listened as Governor Wike publicly endorsed Governor Sanwo-Olu of APC in the Lagos guber race.

To the uninitiated in politics, there is nothing special in all these actions but to the initiated, Wike and his gangs are committing political Harakiri and not minding the winners of the 2023 elections, there is no serious politician that can trust them to play by the rules after losing any election.

The purpose of this piece is not to plead with Wike and his gang. They are adults and free to do whatever they have chosen to do. It is only important to draw their attention to the work of the Malawian Poet, Jack Mapanje’s :“When This Carnival Finally closes”

That poet has said it all and it is the suggestion here that Wike, Seyi Makinde, Ifeanyi Ugwuyi, Samuel Ortom, and Okezie Ikpeazu should find a way to get a copy of that very short poem and read for once.

Secondly, they should all ask about the Yoruba’s saying concerning the dog that is destined to be lost and does not listen to the call of his owner. This is important as Governor Wike and his gang have been great beneficiaries of the party they are now working assiduously to bring down at all costs. They can be very lucky to achieve their aim but providence has a way of dealing with people who go through the routes they are trying hard to go.

Finally, assuming without conceding that they have been wronged. Our elders say cutting the head off is not the appropriate remedy for a bad headache. One is suggesting to them to toll the paths of royalty in their so-called fight for justice. They should desist from waging their war in the manner they are presently doing. In Yorubaland, the manner of fighting for one’s rights goes a long way in showing whether one is of true royal blood or that of a savage slave, hence our people will say ‘A Prince worth his salt does not wage war the way and manner in which a slave will.’

To Wike and his gang of evangelists, ire o.

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