Upgrading of monarchs, community autonomy will enhance development in Ekiti – Oba Aderemi

The Atayero of Aramoko Ekiti, Oba Dr. Olusegun Aderemi has said the upgrading of traditional rulers and the autonomy granted to some villages in Ekiti State will bring about the development of the affected communities.

Aderemi also advised governments at all levels to equip and empower journalists in the country, saying they can assist in solving the security and other challenges confronting the nation.

He said the Ekiti State Government has done well by upgrading some traditional rulers and granting autonomy to communities in the state recently.

Atayero Aderemi spoke shortly after he was conferred with the award of excellence of the Roundoff News Media and Consult in Ado Ekiti, the state capital.

He said, ” As an expert in cultural heritage management, I want to believe that our culture should be preserved and that what is being done by the government but can be managed without brewing crises.

“I believe in development and it can come in any form but it should be managed properly to avoid crisis”.

On why the government must involve journalists in addressing security challenges of the country, he said, “journalism is all about information, knowledge, safety and act of expression. As far as Nigerian journalists are concerned, they are doing their best and they can do more to solve most of the problems we are facing as a country including insecurity.

“Insecurity in Nigeria is all about lack of intelligence gathering and good journalism is about intelligence.

“So, if the government can embrace and equip journalists in Nigeria very well, it will boost our intelligence gathering and crimes will be reduced to the barest minimum in our country”.

Setting agenda for the new governor of the state, Mr Biodun Abayomi, Oba Aderemi said he expects the governor to make a lot of difference in governance in terms of economy.

“In Ekiti State, we are not enterprising by the way we run things. The new governor should do more as far as the enterprise is concerned. Once we are able to come up in developing our knowledge on enterprising, it will bring about a lot of profitable activities among the people, the economy of the state will be boosted and people will be happy for it and settle down to project for the future”

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