Hypo Toilet Cleaner rewards NYSC toilet rescue volunteers

Delivering on the guarantees made to Corps members (intending volunteers) at the launch of its community development provider initiative recognised as Hypo Toilet Rescue Volunteer program all through the 3weeks NYSC orientation camp in March 2022, Hypo Toilet cleaner has invited all the 11 volunteers whose nominated tasks have been commissioned to their office for cognizance and money reward.

Dr. Nicholas Igwe, Executive Chairman of the Organized Private Sector in Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Odina Grace, Hypo Toilet Rescue Volunteer, Akintayo Akinseloyin, Brand Manager, Hypo Bleach, Mrs. Victoria Akowonlehin, Senior Director, Community Development Service, NYSC Lagos State during money presentation to Hypo Toilet Rescue volunteers at Hypo Office.

Hypo hosted the volunteers and govt members of the National Youth Service Corps, Lagos chapter to a grand reception the place they were formally introduced with money rewards of a hundred thousand Naira every and employment interview offer. Equally current to witnesses the event were representatives from schools already benefitted from the project, the Executive Chairman of the Organized Private Sector in Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Dr Nicholas Igwe, who on behalf of the company equally promised to aid the volunteers with extra fifty thousand Naira each.

So far, 68 toilet units have been rescued and commissioned in Lagos in partnership with National Youth Corps Service offering resources of Corps members who gladly volunteered to take on the active section on the mission towards advertising hygienic toilet environment in Nigerian public faculties and most importantly to strategically cross Nigeria down the rank of being the best open defecator in the world.

The primary spotlight of the exercise rapidly before the money presentation was when the company
took the audience via a multimedia presentation of the dilapidated state of a few of the commissioned facilities, showing “the earlier than meets after refurbishment”, which honestly demonstrated how deeply impactful the assignment has touched lives.

After the money reward exercise, the eleven Corps member volunteers acquired the opportunity to meet with the Group Chief Executive Officer, Tolaram Group -Mr. Deepak Singhal, who counseled them for their efforts and for choosing to make themselves useful toward achieving as higher Nigeria.

According to Mr. Akinseloyin Akintayo, Brand Manager, Hypo Bleach “these young people are dynamic, and they have established how deeply they care about giving lower back to the community where they are serving and past the money rewards, they will be taken via an interview session after which the lucky ones will get a full-time employment with the organization”.

Also speaking at the event on behalf of the National Youth Service Corps used to be Mrs. Victoria Akowonlehin, Senior Director, Community Development Service, NYSC Lagos State who represented the Lagos State Coordinator, “we are over the moon that this collaboration is yielding positive and life improving results and most importantly, the reality that the Hypo Toilet Cleaner company
has been steadfast with fulfilling its facet of the pact.

One of the Hypo Toilet Rescue Volunteers, Ms. Vivian Asiegbunem Said “We have touched children, via me, Hypo and NYSC which was my motive and as a graduate of environmental biology, I am satisfied to have learnt and performed a lot unimaginable thru this project, and now I picture this as the beginning factor for my contribution to the society/ humanity”.

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