“It is better to join a witch society than joining Nollywood” – Olamide Oyindamola

Olamide Oyindamola, a Nigerian actress, who is additionally known as Olamideoyin Omo mala, has declared on her instagram web page that, “it is higher to join a witch society than joining Nollywood”.

She additionally revealed her encounters, with men in the industry. She said, guys are the same as female in horrific characters.

She stated this on WhatsApp, in a chat with Potpourri.

She said, “What turns me off about the movie industry is their eye-service from the women and the men have to be dating you or collecting cash from you before they can feature you in movies”.

“They hardly consider in talent nowadays. It is both the bed or your cash”.

She also stated that, ladies in the industry, are full of excessive
service, and that guys can not assist someone, without demanding for something in return.

The actress has also produced three movies, which are: Mojere, Omo mala and Kosedurowo.

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