The Mcphilips Arts and Educational Foundation holds poetry competition

The Mcphilips Arts and Educational Foundation is set to preserve a Secondary faculty Poetry competition, scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 5, 2022 at Penny International College, Coker, Aguda Surulere, alongside Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, Lagos.

Speaking with Vanguard on the poetry competition, founder of the basis and spouse of late Mcphilips Nwachukwu, former Arts Editor of Vanguard Newspaper, Mrs. Tyna Mcphilips Nwachukwu, stated the cause of the event is to encourage students to study poetry.

“It is also to develop important language and literacy skills amongst students, and enable them see the power language has in shaping expression, creating meaning and facilitating thoughts,” she said.

“From this educational event, students will learn that poetry breaks grammar and punctuation rules. It is also for students to understand that poetry gives them the chance to experiment with language and not being confined by rigid grammar and structures.

“Poetry gives them the opportunity to read and absorb different styles of writing from many different authors. For example, the author of the poetry book, “So Long A Night”, Mcphilips Nwachukwu, in whose memory and honour the foundation was established.

Quoting Jeanette Winterson, Tyna said “poetry is not a hiding place; rather, it is a finding place. Above all, poetry allows students to truly express their own unique creative selves, intertwining their creative thoughts with poetic skills, etc.”

Source: Vanguard

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