Tinubu Fixes Campaign Rallies in South-East ‘Sit-at-Home’ on Mondays

According to Ologbondiyan, the five governors believe that Atiku has a more believable manifesto and better experience to manage Nigeria than their party’s presidential flagbearer, Bola Tinubu.

But in a swift reaction on Thursday, the APC spokesman, Felix Morka, dismissed the claim by the opposition party, saying that the PDP should stop peddling falsehood.

Morka, in an interview with Leadership, described the claim as wishful thinking which shows that the PDP lacks plans and a clear-cut strategy for the forthcoming general election.

He claimed that the opposition party had been grabbing on straws due to a lack of agenda and plans for the forthcoming elections, adding that the claim shows extreme desperation and an utter lack of competitive confidence to face 2023.

He said, “That’s wishful thinking; you can see clearly that they don’t have any plans for the next elections. They have no plans, they have no strategy. The other day they filed a lawsuit and now they are talking about five APC governors.

“So, clearly that is not an agenda for an election and it does not show a party that is serious about competing for power. They are just grabbing on straws, hoping that they can grab something that has a route but it’s just completely wishful. It’s not worth any reaction.

“Again, that’s the PDP setting itself on a phantom and vain expedition. It is obvious the PDP is rightly convinced of its failed 2023 engagement. Trapped in the abyss of its internal contradictions and intractable crisis, the PDP has resorted to grabbing straws and scratching the sand in hope of success.

“It betrays the extreme desperation and utter lack of competitive confidence to face 2023. To be clear, there shall be no political manna falling from the sky for the PDP. They should wake up from their inebriated slumber and smell the political coffee.”

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