Reactions As BBNaija Star Hermes Rocks New Attire On IG

Former BBNaija star, Hermes shared some photos of himself trying to imitate Wakanda‘s appearance but he decided to be creative in his fashion display and it enabled him to make a fashion statement. Hermes’s costume transformed his look and the color of his outfit brightened up his skin complexion.

His outfit looks like he’s wearing a body armor and it seems like he wore a Jumpsuit before wearing an overall and the shoulder part is sewn in a cape style, while the back side is sewn in a flay style. Hermes beautified his fingers with rings and it played an effective role in his appearance and his dagger symbolizes he’s a warrior. Hermes’s posture displayed he’s confident and fearless and enabled him to achieve a dapper look.

If you look at Hermes’s head in the above photo, you will observe that it’s designed in an artistic style and it’s beautiful. He captioned his post saying “My name is Hermes, some people know me as the king of the coolest tribe”. Some of his fans reacted to his post, check out some comments below.

Source: Opera News

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