Osun: We’ll remain responsive, accountable in 2023 – Gov Adeleke

The Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, has promised that his administration will remain responsive and accountable as the state moves to reposition for greater heights in 2023.

This is as he revealed to the citizens of Osun that his administration has laid a strong foundation for sustainable governance and opened up the state finances to the public in the spirit of accountability.

This assurance was contained in the new year’s address of Governor Adeleke to the citizens of the state.

While promising to reform several sectors to block revenue leakages and stop the diversion of state assets, Adeleke disclosed that the repositioning of the civil service for professionalism was also ongoing, adding that urgent state matters were being attended to restore normalcy and bring the people together for good governance.

The governor also revealed that a strong working relationship existed between his administration and other arms of government.

He explained that a common understanding had been forged to put the state’s interest at the forefront of actions he intends to undertake.

In his words, “We have forged a common understanding to put the interest of the state at the forefront of everything we do. Combined effort, mutual support and impactful governance are hallmarks that have been accepted by all as a path to progress in the best interest of the state.

“Within the same one month, our administration is focused on delivering on its first 100 days in office programme. I have visited several schools, health centres and other public infrastructures. These inspections have strengthened our pre-election data. We are poised to deliver on our first 100 days in office programme, which covers areas such as water provision, rehabilitation of schools and health centres, rehabilitation of roads and delivery of tech innovations for the digital economy.

“My good people of Osun state, our administration has a rolling plan of 100 days, six months, one year followed by deliverables in subsequent years. I have also put in place a monitoring and evaluation team. By the end of the first 100 days in office, we will be hosting the maiden edition of our public accountability forum titled ‘Ipade Imole’. We will meet you, the good people of Osun state, and keep you informed about the journey so far.”

The governor, who sought the support of indigenes of the state at home and abroad, restated that his administration is committed to ensuring people-based development.

He disclosed that the vision of his government included the enthronement of tech-based agro-industrial growth and a plan to address the infrastructural deficits with a cost-effective, home-based and labour-intensive programme.

While recollecting that the state had recorded eventful developments in the last one year, he added that despite the tension, major election and transition from one political party to a different one, the state had moved gallantly and emerged stronger with the support and goodwill of the people.

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