BBTitans: I Nominated Kanaga Because He’s Clever – Tsatsii Says [Video]

Big Brother invited all housemates for their diary session individually and he had a brief conversation with them. He asked them how they felt yesterday been the valentine’s day and they all said they felt emotional and loved.

When it got to Tsatsii’s turn, Big Brother asked her how she’s currently feeling and she said she’s happy. She thanked Big Brother for the valentine dinner and after that, Big Brother asked her who she nominated and why. Tsatsii said she nominated Ipeleng and her partner Blaqboi. She also said that she nominated Kanaga and his partner Blue Avia.

Big Brother asked her why and she said that she sees Kanaga as a strategic person and he’s a competitive person in the house. She went further to say that despite he’s up for possible eviction on Sunday, she knows he’s not going home. Ebubu also said similar thing with Tsatsii during his diary session.

Watch Video Below:

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