slammed Victoria Inyama for ‘making insulting’ comment about his mum

White Money, the 2021 BBNaija winner, has slammed Victoria Inyama, the actress, over a controversial statement she made about his mother.

The reality star had earlier put out what appeared to be an inspirational publish where he stated “no woman is out of a man’s league as lengthy as he has money.”

The truth star’s remark provoked a wave of mixed reactions on social media platforms.

Inyama, who seemed displeased by White Money’s remark, blamed it on the “kind” of woman who raised him.

The reality star had earlier put out what seemed to be an inspirational post where he said “no woman is out of a man’s league as long as he has money.”

“When a child is raised by a ‘type’ of mother, it is only typical he projects his disgust of his mother by generalising all women to be like his mum,” she wrote in a now-deleted post.

Apparently cheesed off by the comment, White Money took to his Instagram page to fire back at the actress.

In an expletive-laden rant, the reality star described Inyama as “stupid” for involving his mother in the conversation.

He added that if she didn’t understand what he meant, she should have quietly scrolled.

“What is your stupid name Mrs Victoria or Madam Victoria Inyama. F**k your existence you washed-up old hag with your stupid ass career that is dead,” he said.

“How dare you insult my mum? Does any male in your family have close to the morals that I have? I was raised right by my mum.

“How dare you bring my family into your stupid ass mouth I keep quiet for the fact you put my mum, madam you are stupid, you are a mad-washed up old hag.

“Bloody idiot! If you didn’t understand what I said can you not just keep quiet and scroll? Insult me, no problem. Why will you put my mum in your f**king context?”

Source: Thecable

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