Claim Free $BTC with $VVcoin as Early Bird on Avive Social World

Avive is a new social cryptocurrency which claims to power the real world to Web3. Build social Infra, with a vision to create the interoperable layer for off-chain and on-chain sovereign footprint.


Gain your sovereign individual soul, trailblazing a revolutionary path for decentralized social experiences

Foster sustainable and equitable growth by prioritizing governance, consensus, and community-driven development

Advance the development of geolocation applications, tools, powering the real world to Web3


Social Infrastructure:

Redefine SBT utilities such as SBT SSO, Soul Wallet, Social/Community recovery to build a powerful and inclusive social infrastructure

Foster a vibrant decentralized ecosystem, enabling greater collaboration, innovation, and social impact

Product Design:

Product Design
Avive World Social Ecosystem

How To Make Money on Avive Social App

There are 3 ways to earn money using Avive social App, with your smartphone. I will list and narrate it here but before that, if you have not registered for an account, do it here.

After that, download app to start earning free $BTC and VVcoin. Don’t forget to use my referral code to enable you earn early bird bonus. Don’t forget to use my referral code  ‘e8w6ay’ to enable you earn early bird bonus. 

Firstly, after registering download app to start mining, its pretty easy to mine as it’s user friendly. Do not let the block stop after reaching 25 blocks, therefore be sure to mine every 24 hours.

Register Here

Secondly, you can earn from Avive app through claimimg $BTC daily as early bird bonus. also exchange gift box to enable increase of soul power.

Thirdly, invite friends and family. By inviting others, increases your soul power thereby giving more VVcoin daily to claim, also gives the chances of winning or earning more $BTC.

Remember to use link above to register and do not forget to add my code ‘e8w6ay‘ if asked

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