US Woman In Italy Re-convicted Of Slander For Accusing Innocent Man Of Killing Roommate

On Wednesday, an Italian court found Amanda Knox guilty again of slander after she had accused her British roommate’s 2007 death—a murder for which she had been imprisoned before being found not guilty.

The American, who had accused a Congolese bar owner of killing 21-year-old Meredith Kercher during police questioning, sobbed in Florence’s courtroom as she was given a three-year term already served.

“Amanda is very upset at the outcome of this hearing, she was looking to have a final point after 17 years of judicial procedure,” her lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova said afterwards.

He said they were “very surprised” at the decision and may appeal once they had examined the detailed verdict, which would be published within 60 days.

Knox was 20 when she and her Italian then-boyfriend were arrested for the brutal killing in November 2007 of fellow student Kercher at the girls’ shared home in Perugia.

A long legal saga followed, where the pair was found guilty, acquitted, found guilty again and finally cleared in 2015.

But Knox still had a 2011 conviction for slander — which carried a sentence of three years already served — for initially telling police that Patrick Lumumba was the murderer.

Italy’s highest court threw out that verdict on appeal last October and ordered a retrial, which began earlier this year.

Knox flew in for Wednesday’s final hearing to defend herself, where she apologized for naming Lumumba, blaming pressure from police.

“I’m very sorry I was not strong enough to have resisted the police pressure,” Knox, now a 36-year-old mother of two, told the judges.

“I was scared, tricked and mistreated. I gave the testimony in a moment of existential crisis.”

She said she was interrogated “for hours and hours, in a language which I hardly knew, without an official translator or a lawyer”.

“I didn’t know who the killer was… They refused to believe me,” she said.

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