Portable To Sue Friends Who Beat him and Sister

Popular Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola well known as Portable, has cried out after being beaten by some of his best friends after interfering in their dispute with his sister.

The singer published this on his Instagram Story on Friday.

After he shared a photo of his sister on the hospital bed, he stated, “Olopa ma ko everybody, see wetin Oke Osa boiz do my big sister. Akoi big problem.”

The singer stated that he was severely injured on his body, while his sister was hospitalized as a result of his friends’ attack.

Portable revealed that they were friends but they beat him up, he recounted how he helped them and how they were envious of his success.

He said in Pidgin English, “As you can see. This life as you dey make am, make you dey run for people.The more you grow, run from people. Dem no want your success. Dem don shook me o. Na my nigga shock me. I no know watin he use shock me o. We don gather dey back in the days. Base on say I make am, na me still dey help am. He later con nack me base on sey you dey beat my sister.”

Hours later, the singer shared a post on his Instagram that he had taken legal steps and briefed his lawyer on his incident.

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