Lagos politics: Tinubu’s aide, Bayo Onanuga under fire for issuing last warning to Igbos

Bayo Onanuga, a spokesperson for the President-elect, Bola Tinubu, has come under fire for issuing a last warning to Igbos in Lagos State against “interfering” with politics in the state.

Onanuga had warned Igbos in Lagos, saying this year [2023] should be the last time they interfere in Lagos politics, adding that the state belongs to Yorubas.

He tweeted on Saturday night following the conclusion of the governorship election, “Let 2023 be the last time of Igbo interference in Lagos politics. Let there be no repeat in 2027.

“Lagos is like Anambra, Imo, any Nigerian state. It is not No Man’s Land, not Federal Capital Territory. It is Yoruba land. Mind your business.”

However, some Nigerians on Twitter slammed Onanuga for his comments, while others said he is a disgrace and should be jailed for incitement.

Here are some tweets gathered by DAILY POST on Twitter:

@OmonoOkonkwo, “Wow! Igbo interference? I’m not even disappointed. There are so many things I could say but what’s the essence? It will be lost on you anyway.”

@gbenga_von, “Quite divisive. The Igbo people contribute immensely to the economy of Lagos and are affected by the government policies. They should have a day in the state’s politics. Politicians should stop playing ethnic cards.”

@Tomi_Oladipo, “This is vile. Shame on you!

@niyi_oyedeji, “Ha! This is so wrong.”

@naijama, “What is the need for this tweet at this time from a man holding such a position in the President-elect’s Campaign Council? When we vote, we participate in politics: is that what is being called interference? As for the rest, when mad people beat drums, sane people don’t dance.”

@ladi_etti, “You’re sick. The same party that was using Lebanese to distribute food to fellow impoverished Nigerians. We need to watch this APC. Seriously.”

@Ezegoeduconsult, “I strongly disagree with the statement that 2023 should be the last time of Igbo interference in Lagos politics. Lagos is indeed a Yoruba land, but it is also a Nigerian state and a major economic hub for the entire country. As such, it is important that all Nigerians, regardless… Show more.”

@preciousphece, “The most condescending remark I’ve seen this period. My sympathy to those who look up to you.”

@KennedyWandera_, “Bayo, you know this is unacceptable. You know this is an act of aggression. You’re a journalist and you should know better. Stop fanning violence.”

@TheEghosa, “When we say our parent’s generation failed us, this is a classic example. A 65-year-old grandfather sat down. Typed this tweet and published it.”

@234_genius, “You’re a disgrace and should be in jail for incitement.”

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