AY and I were never friends – Basketmouth opens up on N30,000 debt claim

Popular comedian, Bright Okpocha, aka Basketmouth, has finally opened up on his relationship with his colleague, AY Makun.

Recall that AY had in an interview claimed that N30,000 owed him by Basketmouth started their longstanding beef.

He said he stood-in for Basketmouth at an event but he attempted to outsmart him by lying that the client has not paid for the gig, which he later found out from the client to be false.

But while featuring on the latest episode of The Honest Bunch podcast, hosted by media personality, Nedu, Basketmouth debunked AY’s claim, insisting that there was no client involved.

According to him, he was never friends with AY, and that the working relationship they had was a one-off deal.

He said, “It’s 2023, my kids don grow. My son is going to be 14 next month. Everybody don dey grow.

“It is so sad say na this kind gist [my beef with AY] dey social media. 2023, after elections. After all these things. Ukraine dey fight war, we dey talk of 30 thousand [naira].

“I been no want talk about this thing [my beef with AY]. Many people don ask questions and I don ignore. But just to set the record straight. Number 1, AY is not my friend. We have never been friends. I have never visited his house. I have never personally invited him to my house.

“I never ever call am one day say ‘o boy, where you dey? Make we hangout’. Nothing like that don ever happen.

“And it’s easy to tell, if you look around social media, you will never find a picture of him and me. So, we were never friends.

“Make I talk the truth. The reason I used style mind my business, na because of when there was that coming together [between AY and I], I heard something that threw me off. I heard some things wey I no supposed hear or know. As I hear am, I was like ‘what the f*ck! Really?’ I no supposed know. And I no fit tell am [AY] so I kept quiet.

“The kind of person I’m, I go wait make you do something first. All these ones wey him [AY] dey talk, no be wettin make me give am space be that. It’s something else!

“That incident [30k] sef, I don forget. But I dey use that one as distractions because you know the kind person wey I be. If I dey talk right, I dey talk left because I no dey like make person know my moves.

“That matter, no client dey involved o. In actual fact, when this matter come outside, when I first hear the thing I said ‘what?’ Like say na 20 per cent of wettin him talk be lie, I for don vex sef say you know what let me set it. But when 90 per cent of wettin him talk na lie. I still dey in shock. All my men dey laugh me because they warned me say ‘guy, be careful o’. And see wettin happen. The one job. And na one job. Him even come make am feel like say there was a tutorship or mentorship. You know the kind men wey dey around me, the funnymen. How I go jump them come dey give this guy [AY] show?

“So, it was only one job. And that job when I heard say them never pay am. I told Magnums, ‘please, pay him’. And they paid him. He omitted that information. I know the move. The guy [AY] dey promote shows; he needs to sell tickets. That’s the truth.” (sic)

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