Tinubu is not a dictator, he won’t embezzle funds cos he’s wealthy, he’ll do better than Buhari — APC.

Tinubu is not a dictator, he won’t embezzle funds cos he’s wealthy , he’ll do better than Buhari cos every father wants his son to do better than him.

Bola Tinubu Muhammad Buhari

Bola Tinubu, the presidential flag-bearer on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), will not embezzle Nigeria’s treasury because he is wealthy and is poised to do better than incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari if elected in 2023, the Zamfara chapter of the party assures Nigerians.

In an interview on Wednesday in Abuja, Yusuf Idris, the Zamfara APC publicity secretary, described Mr Tinubu as capable of succeeding Mr Buhari.

“…He is the type of person who is not greedy, who is out to accumulate wealth if elected,” said the party official. “All what he is going to see, he has it at his disposal for over 10 to 20 years ago.”

Mr Idris said Nigerians would smile if they elected Mr Tinubu in 2023, assuring that the presidential aspirant will take Nigeria to the promised land of economic prosperity and security.

According to the APC publicist, Mr Tinubu is a renowned industrialist and would give a deeper approach to bolster the economic system in the country.

“He has vast experience in economics, security and governance. He is capable of consolidating the achievements of President Muhammadu Buhari and even surpassing him,” he added. “He will surpass him because every good father will want his son to inherit him, and Tinubu will be a good successor to Buhari.”

Mr Idris further described the APC presidential candidate as a believer in the democratic system and its ideals.

“He is not a leader who operates like in the military. He doesn’t dictate. He always allows the people to vote for their choices. Tinubu has a wealth of experience, and he has all the qualities to be a president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” the politician explained.

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