Flood kill over 25, 000 birds in Anambra

A multi-million Naira robotized farm situated at Agbobo Umuoga Ossomala community in Ogbaru area of Anambra has closed down tasks because of blaze flood disaster which impacted the property

The disaster brought about the passing of more than 25, 000 birds at the poultry section and antagonistically impacted the potato farm, fish pond, and different crops.

Dr. Patrick Sule-Ugboma, Owner of Matuuci Farm Limited, Agbobo Umuoga Ossomala, in Ogbaru, Anambra who took newsmen round the office, said around 400 staff members of the organization have been coordinated to stop work.

Sule-Ugboma said his organization has lost a fortune because of the flood disaster that impacted the farm, which sits on 20 hectares of land.

According to Sule-Ugboma, the flood has similarly impacted a few scaffolds on Onitsha-Ndoni Street, particularly the extension at Umunnakwo.

Sule-Ugboma noticed that the breakdown of bridges on Ogbaru-Ndoni street presents a serious risk to inhabitants and other street clients going from Ogwuikpele to the nearby community, who currently resort to crossing the river by wooden boats.

He begged Anambra State and the federal government to come to the rescue of the Ogbaru community.

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